La  Pommeraye

Is one of our twinned towns and is next to Montjean, which is on the Loire, about 30kms to the west of Angers. It has a  population of 3000, and is widely known for its educational establishments. These include kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, an agricultural college and a commercial training college. There is also a business area on the outskirts of the town.

 It is possible to play most sports and enjoy a wide range of leisure activities, with a choice between yoga, dancing, football, cycling, and many others.

 The main square is surrounded by the church, the Mairie/ Town Hall, and some shops. There is a market in the square every Saturday. The town also has a fine modern library. There are several restaurants in the town and a cinema.

 Wine production is an important industry and many La Pommeraye wines are of Appellation Contrôlée quality. Some are brought to the UK for sale.

Here is a link to the La Pommeraye website.