Belaugh is the smallest of our three villages, lying to the west of Wroxham on the river Bure.. Belaugh appears in the Domesday book as “Belaga”, while other records show is as Bella or Bilhagh. The name originally came from Norse, Danish and Anglo Saxon sources. In general the name Belaugh signifies a dwelling place at the waterside. This name sums up the present day Belaugh perfectly, as it is a small village with some fine houses situated near the river. The present day population is about 120 spread among 43 houses and farms.

The church of St Peter, whose register dates back to 1538, stands on a hill overlooking the river Bure. The church has its own riverside mooring but there is also a public staithe with free mooring. There is still a boat yard in Belaugh. In the 1800s wherries were built there and now it specialises in the repair of more modern wooden craft.