French Conversation

This group meets the second Wednesday of the month, in each others’ houses, and usually has a topic or a theme to discuss with the more proficient helping the less to master various conversational aspects of French, with the help of a glass of wine and some nibbles. We try to have fun also, usually have a couple of soirĂ©es per year, at Christmas and in July where we all bring dishes for a buffet supper and recently have been tackling some bilingual texts as something different. These are usually organised by Jane Monks and she can be reached on 01603 782496 for any more information.



This group meets on the last Wednesday of the month, also in each others’ houses, usually whoever has chosen that month’s book to read, and have fun discussing opinions, likes and dislikes etc and usually give it a score out of ten. We have a wide range of interests and, over the last ten years, have read everything from The No1 Ladies Detective Agency to War and Peace. We source many of our books from the local library, have bought some on ebay and kindles and, hopefully, extend the scope of our reading habits. Sue kemp organises our books and our rota and can be contacted on 01603 738555.